Café Humaniste: Secularism in Lebanon

لقاء حواري بعنوان “العلمانية في لبنان: ما ضرورتها وكيف نصل إليها” (الشرح باللغة العربية في الأسفل) Freethought Lebanon and Humanists International are glad to announce the first Café Humaniste in Lebanon on 26 December! The theme of this Café Humaniste will be “Secularism in Lebanon: why we need it and how do we get there”.

Fighting Radical Islam by Combating Radical Christianity

What is the best way for Westerners to combat radical Islam? It may be by combating Islam’s greatest historical opponent: radical Christianity. I described this thesis to Richard Dawkins after meeting him at a prominent skeptical conference last year, and he invited me to write this article. Since the First Gulf War (1990), Islam has

Why Secularism Should Be Interventionist

Some authors, such as Mayanthi Fernando, believe that there are two types of secularism: classical and new. I am mainly concerned with how these authors define the former. They say that it is “non-interventionist” or, at least, they contrast it with the latter which is “interventionist”. This is a view that I completely disagree with.