Title: Media Skills for Atheist and Secular Activists
Conducted by: Riad Kobaissi
Date and Time: Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Freethought Lebanon is pleased to announce the launch of a series of online workshops which aim at building the capacities of the freethinking community in Lebanon. The workshops are part of an effort to empower secular activists in the community, both on personal and professional levels, with the skills and knowledge that will ultimately make the collective more effective and impactful.

The first workshop of this series, titled “Media Skills for Atheist and Secular Activists”, will be conducted by the famed investigative journalist Mr. Riad Kobaissi. The workshop will cover the following themes:

  • How to deal with biased media
  • How to communicate clear and effective messages during our media appearances (during TV talkshows, interviews or during protests)
  • How to systematically plan and implement an investigative journalism effort in order to produce media content (case study: “compulsory religious education in public schools”)

The three remaining workshops will be announced in due time. They are titled:

“Nonviolent Communication” by Tanya Awad Ghorra
“Protection of Humanists at Risk” by Nercese Armani
“Freethought Lebanon: Theory of Change” by Sami Ab and Mazen Walker


These workshops are supported by Humanists International.