Freedom of Speech and Censorship: Where does Lebanon Stand?
حريّة التعبير والرقابة

قراءة الملخّص بالعربيةRead the full reportWatch the video :لمشاهدة الفيديو   1. Freedom of Expression: A Negative Fundamental Right Freedom of Expression is a fundamental human right, guaranteed under Article 191 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But is this freedom an absolute? Usually, we associate freedom with the absence of constraints, the ability

Survey Summary – Atheists in Lebanon
ملخّص الاستطلاع – الملحدون في لبنان

قراءة الملخّص بالعربيةRead the full Survey reportWatch the video :لمشاهدة الفيديو   IntroductionThere are few studies about atheists in the Middle East region [1,2,3], and Lebanon is no exception. Since the inception of the Lebanese Republic, atheists have been assumed to be non-existent by the state [4], and as such they have been ignored, marginalized,

Case Studies Summary – Atheists in Lebanon
ملخّص دراسات الحالة

The study of the discrimination against atheists in Lebanon has been enriched with forty interviews that give an in-depth, personal insight on the various aspects of social and legal challenges that face atheists and freethinkers in the country. A total of forty interviews were conducted with victims of discrimination or close friends of those who

Media Analysis Summary – Atheists in Lebanon
ملخّص تحليل التغطية الإعلاميّة – التمييز ضدّ الملحدين في الإعلام المرئي اللبنانيّ

قراءة الملخّص بالعربيةRead the full Media AnalysisWatch the video :لمشاهدة الفيديو IntroductionTV representation of atheism in Lebanon has been lackluster at best. While the constitution protects freedom of belief, atheism is highly stigmatized, a reality further fortified by how media outlets cover the topic.While the internet might have slowly taken over the TV around the

Legal Report Summary – Atheists in Lebanon
ملخّص التقرير القانوني حول التمييز ضدّ الملحدين في لبنان

قراءة الملخّص بالعربيةRead the full Legal ReportWatch the video :لمشاهدة الفيديو Since its inception, the sectarian system of the Lebanese Republic has continually suppressed unrecognized sects with exceptional emphasis on atheists. In the aftermath of sectarian armed clashes and a bloody civil war, the Taif Agreement was reached in 1989. The agreement, which ended the civil war, reaffirmed