Visual Content – Atheists in Lebanon
المحتوى المرئي – الملحدون في لبنان

This research study is conducted by Freethought Lebanon and funded by NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation). It is the first study of its kind on the various aspects of discrimination against atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers in Lebanon.
For more than five months, Freethought Lebanon collaborators have been examining areas of discrimination and human rights violations in Lebanon for the last decade, with an emphasis on the last three years (2018 – 2020).

This section presents the visual materials posted on social media platforms for a more visual and effective communication of the findings of the study’s various sections:
Legal Report
Media Analysis



Legal Report




Media Analysis




Case Studies





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“Freethought Lebanon” is an initiative that aims to empower freethinkers in Lebanon in order to promote humanism, encourage critical thinking, and disseminate secular values as a solution for intolerance and sectarian violence in Lebanon. Our vision is “Expanded Horizons with Minds Liberated from the Tyranny of Custom”.