If Atheism Is Not a Religion, Then Why ‘Atheist Day’ ?

Atheism is not a religion, or a belief system, the same way bald is not a hair color or not collecting stamps is not a hobby. Atheists are not a homogenous group of people with the same political views, agendas or life philosophies, they only share one thing in common: the lack of belief in any deity.

Then ‘why’ atheist day ?

Atheist day is a recognition of the struggles that atheists face because of their views in many parts of the world, a recognition of the discrimination they were and still are subject to, whether by societies, governments or religious zealots.

Atheist day is a yearly reminder about atheists’ right to be treated equally, and with dignity wherever they are, and a call for all governments and humanist organizations to stand against all forms of discrimination against atheists around the world.

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