Days of Atheism – Warsaw, Poland

On March 26th, 2015, A delegation from Freethought Lebanon arrived to Warsaw to represent Lebanese Freethinkers in a 3 day conference which was launched in SEJM; the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament. The conference also included an anti-clerical protest demanding the seperation of the church from the state and a historical reconstruction of the execution of Kazimierz Łyszczyński; a Polish nobleman who was accused, tried, and executed for atheism. Representatives of Freethought Lebanon presented a 7 minute presentation about human rights, blasphemy laws, and the educational system in Lebanon at the SEJM and connected with different activists. The conference also included a bio-ethical conference and a Gala dinner in which Palestinian Blogger Waleed Al Huseini was awarded the prize “Atheist of the Year”. A more detailed post will follow which will include the powerpoint presentation that was presented in the Polish Parliament.

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“Freethought Lebanon” is an initiative that aims to empower freethinkers in Lebanon in order to promote humanism, encourage critical thinking, and disseminate secular values as a solution for intolerance and sectarian violence in Lebanon. Our vision is “Expanded Horizons with Minds Liberated from the Tyranny of Custom”.