This Week Under “Spotlight”: Johnny Depp

               Johnny Depp, a 48-year-old multi-talented Hollywood figure has proven himself  as an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, and musician. Depp has starred in more than 40 different movies including Donnie Brasco, Chocolat, Blow, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Public Enemies, and Alice in Wonderland.

               In a recent interview with Larry King, (October 11th 2011) Depp points out to his “non-theism”. When King goes on and asks him if he has faith, Depp interestingly replies “I have faith in my kids. Yeah, I have faith in my kids. And I have, I have faith, you know, as long as you keep moving forward, just keep walking forward things will be alright, I suppose, you know. Faith in terms of religion, I don’t, religion is not my specialty.”

               Depp and the British Indie band “Babybird”  recently stirred the religious grounds by releasing an album entitled “The Pleasures of Self Destruction”. In it lies a controversial new song: “Jesus Stag Night Club.”

               According to the Daily Star, the controversial song “Jesus Stag Night Club” infuriated conservative religious groups which “demanded the song be banned from the air-waves”. Lee Douglas; spokesman for the religious pressure group The Christian Coalition, also left a comment in Daily Star’s article saying: “One day, Johnny Depp and his cronies will face the judgment of our Lord and they will burn in hell for this filth.”

The lyrics of “Jesus Stag Night Club” can be found here.

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