Banned Books in Lebanon

George Bernard Shaw once said, "The first condition of progress is the removal of censorship." He knew well that censorship and freedom had long been enemies, and had he been alive today, he would probably not be very impressed with the state of progress we have achieved as a country. Lebanon has a long history [...]

No Community in Beirut

Beirut is a city of indulgence and exclusive delicacies, where the state and religious institutions have failed in creating a sense of community. Forget about the clichés about the East and the West or the burqa and the miniskirt. The real gap in Beirut is that between public decay and private extravagance. Five-star hotels that [...]

A Statement Concerning The Mufti’s Latest Fatwa

Lebanon's Grand Mufti has issued on Monday the 28th of January a fatwa whose sole aim is to decapitate one of the many marginalized rights the Lebanese citizens are missing. The fatwa came after the latest tactic the civil society adopted which included two couples attempting to register the first civil marriage on Lebanese soil [...]

A Statement Concerning The Proposed “Anti-Pope Protest”

Many members were invited to attend a "protest against the pope" in Lebanon. While we do agree that the Vatican as an institution has committed (and is still committing) endless errors and atrocities against non-theists and science, we find ourselves responsible to inform the public, especially the people committed to our community about the hazards and considerations [...]